Revisor Face Shield


Why choose revisor?

Keeps germs, dust and wind from your face.

Wear like glasses -No pull around the ears

Available in multiple colors for indoor or outdoor use

One time investment - Best alternative for facemasks

Ideal for Essential workers – front line workers in healthcare, hospitality, travel, retail and law enforcement

  • Great for use at public places like stores, parks and stadiums
  • Made of durable & lightweight shatterproof polycarbonate.
  • Visible facial features and expressions
  • Anti fogging, anti spray & anti smoke
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“The quality of the mask is great. Allows you to breathe without any restriction.”

-Katie L.

“It’s kinda funny! But now I don’t look like I’m about to rob a bank”

-Matt W.

“My grandchildren can finally see me smile!!”

-Marjorie S.

“So lightweight that after a while, you don’t even know you are wearing it”

-Sam M.

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Manufactured with highest quality materials & manufacturing standards

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Money back guarantee

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Stay safe while looking great!

Protect Yourself & Others During The Pandemic

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